deploy a ruby app to aws lambda using aws codestar

AWS CodeStar is a service target to software developers who want to write and deploy code without getting too involved in infrastructure management. AWS has some useful templates for common application frameworks, but what if you need to customize for a language or resource that’s not already provided? This guide demonstrates how by deploying a Ruby application to Lambda with permissions to read/write on a DynamoDB table.

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skills to succeed

The current world (Spring 2020) has forced many changes and brought many future problems into focus now, sooner than anticipated. This requires new skills and traits to effectively work in an uncertain world.

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using the tabwriter package

Let’s say you’re writing output to the command line in a tabular format, and you want the columns to align nicely. The tabwriter package does a nice job acheiving this task.

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value semantics and pointer semantics

I learned in Bill Kennedy’s Ultimate Go training that the pointer semantics of go code helps guide software program design. This differs from the vague notion of pointer syntax. As a long-time student of syntax vs semantics in logic and mathematics, Kennedy’s teaching felt refreshing as I finally began to understand a fundamental philosophy underpinning go.

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paired programming

Here’s my guide on pair programming, originally written to conduct “office hours” training with boot-camp developers.

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go sort

I previously posted code that adjusts times between timezones. Writing that code, I did not want to rely on any external libraries for text search, so I instead used the sort package to create a minimal search function. There are many good tutorials on sort; this post merely shows how I used it.

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golang study levels

I’d like to discuss a way to assess the skill of a Go developer (myself included) by setting three broad study categories. Note that, assessing one’s skill to be parcel of one category versus another is not intended to be an assessment on one’s skill as a programmer. The simple purpose of what follows is to give the programmer an idea of what she needs to pay attention to in continuing to grow.

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what is erasure coding?

Erasure coding (EC) is a technique to build highly available, fault tolerant data storage. Erasure coding algorithms distribute data across a set of storage systems, enabling redundancy. The most familiar application of erasure coding is the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

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how does saml work?

The basic concept is that organizations already know the identity of users through Active Domain, so why not piggyback on this identity when logging into web-based applications? Security Assertion Markup Langauge (SAML) gives a clean approach to doing just that.

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what is x.509 certificate?

Part of what makes the web and web development a bit confusing is the way acronyms are thrown about. Despite being basic to internet security, X.509’s name doesn’t elucidate the technology well.

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what is the osi networking model?

The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is a conceptual framework for networking or telecommunication systems. It provides a visual description of the networking stack from “top” (end-user focused) to “bottom” (physical machine layout). Reading: The OSI model explained. The seven layers are: Application - closest to end-user, eg., web browsers, VoIP and email clients, and other connected applications Presentation - prepares or translates application data formats from/to network formats, eg. ...keep reading

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how does dns work?

Everybody uses DNS with a basic web-browser; professionally, I’ve used DNS with typical command line tools like curl. But I never fully understood how it works. Here’s a brief review.

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custom sagemaker algorithms

Sagemaker - the machine learning platform offered by AWS - has both prebuilt algorithms and a “bring-your-own” capability. To bring your own algorithm onto Sagemaker, you will need to use a Docker image to package the code. Here’s how.

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exploring tokyo workspaces

I’ve visited six open workspaces in Tokyo in the past two days with the goal of immersing myself in the freelance and tech culture here. I also want to find a space to stay at regularly to work and to study.

Check out my map and read below for my first impressions.

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long-form resume

When asked for a resume, I usually submit a one-pager. Here’s my current PDF version. As that’s quite short, I provide a longform narrative below, starting from my first job down to my most recent. This is an ongoing document. As a narrative, it’ll take a few passes to describe my background fully; as my career continues on, I’ll need to add more detail. If you’re reading this and you think I’ve left out some detail or misremembered anything, please open an issue :) ...keep reading

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