June 23, 2020

Deploy a Ruby app to AWS Lambda using AWS CodeStar

AWS CodeStar is a service target to software developers who want to write and deploy code without getting too involved in infrastructure management. AWS has some useful templates for common application frameworks, but what if you need to customize for a language or resource that’s not already provided? This guide demonstrates how by deploying a Ruby application to Lambda with permissions to read/write on a DynamoDB table. Read more

April 7, 2020

Go Remote Meetup - Notes from the Meet and Greet

We had a nice first session of the Go Remote Meetup today, welcoming guests from the Americas, Europe, and India. Following some quick introductions, we focused on a couple shared topics for discussion. Learning Go As is common among developer communities, we have a wide range of backgrounds and quite a few new programmers. One question that got many responses was: what tutorials are people using to learn go? In no particular order, our responses were: Read more

June 24, 2019

DonkeyCar Self-Driving Challenge -- Reflection

When we were presented with the self-driving car challenge, we did not exactly understand the work ahead of us. We did have – as most people do – a vague conception of what would happen. We knew we would build a modified RC racecar, placing a small computer, camera, and extra battery onboard, and “teach” the car to drive on a race course. If a sufficiently sophisticated device is indistinguishable from magic, we were at that time in the unlucky position of magicians untrained in a trick. Read more

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