April 21, 2020

getting started with open source contributions

Open Source contributions are an investment. It takes effort over time to make impactful contributions; done well, and you’ll have improved a repository that you will use later during your career.

This summarizes “Picking the Right Repo”.

You should contribute to projects that you use. One way to discover which projects you use it to look at the dependency tree for code that you’ve written. An example would be to scan the Gemfile.lock , package.json, or go.sum in your project folder(s). The goal is to pick a few repositories that you actually use.

You should come up with 2 or more repositories, at least one small and one large. This way you get a range of opportunities to make a contribution. Do not pick too many, as you do not want to overtax your attention.

Lastly, use CodeTriage to help keep track of the projects you want to contribute to. If the project isn’t on CodeTriage, you can add it easily.

Getting started is the first step, and the time to take that step is right away.

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