July 10, 2019

Tokyo Gophers Meetup - Notes from the Meet and Greet

Despite some scheduling problems ( I made a classic timezone mistake when I setup the group in Chicago then became confused upon arrival in Tokyo ), we had a very productive discussion. Thanks for everyone who was able to attend!

Here’s what we discussed.


We chatted about the importance of understanding business Japanese, including in companies that are nominally billingual or English-first. We talked about the merits of language schools versus learning directly from Japanese friends. We also exchanged business cards (if we had them) and practiced our accent - yoroshiku onegaishimas!

Other Meetups, Locations

Mercari has another free meetup group, organized on Connpass.

Amazon Web Services and Yahoo both have free workspaces. Fab Cafe has a coworking space that’s often used for meetups and presentations. The Hive - Jinnan has a nice, bilingually operated coworking space.

Google has offices in Roppongi Hills, although I doubt it’s open to the public; it’d be nice to have Google loan us space for larger gathering as the primary corporate sponsor of Go – if you know someone who can set us up, let us know!

I’m planning our next Meet & Greet at The Hive in Jinnan.

Packages and Toolkits

  1. github.com/jackc/pgx - a PostgreSQL driver and toolkit
  2. github.com/gin-gonic/gin - a web framework
  3. github.com/gorilla - web toolkit. Includes packages for session handling, routing, websockets, rpc
  4. github.com/stretchr/testify - a testing toolkit
  5. github.com/jinzhu/gorm - a popular ORM package
  6. github.com/itisbsg/grpc-push-notif - a push notification demo project. Not as featured as Josh may have been looking for, but seems interesting for it’s very direct use of gRPC

Questions, Concerns

Finding a good Go programming job seems like our top concern as a group. Sometimes, a job assignment claims to require Go, but then the bulk of the work ends up in another programming language – much to the applicants disappointment!

Another concern that’s come up are the visa requirements for working in Japan; it’s often difficult for a Gaijin to navigate the system. In the unfortunate case of an employment dispute, legal advice can be extremely difficult to find. Even when some of us know Japanese conversationally, formal language around immigration and/or human resources issues can be quite difficult. (In my opinion, it makes me feel much more empathy for immigrants in my home country – it’s not easy!)

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