October 8, 2019

Tokyo Gophers Meetup - Notes from the Meet and Greet

For our fourth gathering, we had a cozy chat at Wuca Tokyo, enjoying drinks while talking about a wide variety of topics. If you’re interested in joining us next time, find us on the Meetup app. Quick meeting notes below.

Our conversation moved swiftly across a wide range of topics, so forgive me for being brief with the summary! As a matter of fact, I think my difficulty in summarizing the conversation shows just how rich and dynamic the meeting was – it’s honestly beyond my skill to summarize it neatly.

  • what’s it like to learn Go? After starting with basic syntax, struct and interface, where does one go from there? My notes on Golang study levels might help here
  • what are good tools for database access? This definitely feels like a recurring question, and I might write up my “Packages and Toolkits” section from our first session notes as a guide
  • we learned about the complex challenges in building a POS system given both the physical and social terrain of a city like Tokyo. Key takeaway: (software, network) architecture must be open to an on-premise solution to deal with the layered nature of Tokyo restaurants and bars.
  • Japanese legal software startup Hubble
  • R3’s Corda
  • a recent opinion essay on Amazon’s DynamoDB as a better solution to “consensus” than blockchain
  • TLA+ and its usage in verifying Amazon DynamoDB consistency, as well as flight systems in NASA’s space shuttle program
  • motivation strategies for managers
  • business opportunities in Japan; is there a low (technical) bar? why does it take 2 years, give or take, to establish the social network to get off the ground?

For our next meeting, we’ll strive for a good show-and-tell. We’re looking forward to it!

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