April 13, 2020

Go Remote Meetup - Notes from the Meet and Greet

We had two meetups last week – I’m slow posting notes on the second. It was great to see folks from Guadalajara to Dublin, and that’s despite scheduling the meeting to coincide with morning in Tokyo! Here’s notes from our conversation about working as go remote developers.

This is a late recap, so I apologize. My notes here are only a small fraction of what we discussed. Join us next time so you can be faster than me getting your notes out 😃

job postings

I forget how we got on the topic, but we put together a pretty decent list of job boards where a go developer can find good work opportunities, either remote or in a location near them:

I’ve noticed in the past that remoteok sometimes feeds on WeLoveGo and WorksHub, but it’s still got an interesting variety of opportunities.

productivity working remotely

Some tried and true advice that we all shared:

  • team dynamics are important
  • limited meetings
  • good communication
  • focus on the task-on-mind
  • set expectations up front
  • be mindful of asynchronicity
  • use tools like Toggl to keep accurate timelogs (eg, for billing or estimation)

interesting projects

Mihai mentioned an Ansible replacement in go that he built. Rodolfo leads the Guadalajara Go Meetup and will be cohosting an online gathering with the Argentina group.

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