a note about social distancing

It’s easy to think of social distancing as an expression of “stranger danger.” But we already have that practice in many cultures, expressed in a variety of ways. What feels painful about social distancing is that we do not only distance between strangers.

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foss contributions -- getting started

I have made only one major contribution to a free open source software (FOSS) project – DataDog’s first Ruby gRPC integration. As I adjust my working schedule to accomodate my move to Japan, I’m looking for other ways to contribute openly to projects. My goal is simple: make a valuable contribution while keeping my skills sharp and my opportunities for work (paid or otherwise) fresh.

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donkeycar self-driving challenge -- reflection

When we were presented with the self-driving car challenge, we did not exactly understand the work ahead of us. We did have – as most people do – a vague conception of what would happen. We knew we would build a modified RC racecar, placing a small computer, camera, and extra battery onboard, and “teach” the car to drive on a race course. If a sufficiently sophisticated device is indistinguishable from magic, we were at that time in the unlucky position of magicians untrained in a trick.

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Stephen Covey’s “Speed of Trust” helps many people frame their business and personal relationships around some simple, effective principles. I also find the book enjoyable, even inspiring at times, to read. Here’s my summary of the main ideas and how to apply them in daily life.

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