September 7, 2019

Go sort

I previously posted code that adjusts times between timezones. Writing that code, I did not want to rely on any external libraries for text search, so I instead used the sort package to create a minimal search function. There are many good tutorials on sort; this post merely shows how I used it. Read more

September 6, 2019

what time is it?

Often, I look up current time in another timezone just by websearch. There’s a better way; here’s one quick approach using Go and the Unix zoneinfo database. Read more

September 5, 2019

The Great Passage by Shion Miura

I read The Great Passage with an idea for a side-project: marking interesting words with a pencil, I would go back through the text and “untranslate” these words back into Japanese, preferably into the Kanji characters. The idea was simply to supercharge my very basic learning of Japanese by collecting - as do the characters in the novel - interesting words or phrases and mulling about them, letting them become a part of my everyday life. This turned out to be an excellent way of performing a close reading of the text, and I enjoyed reading the novel much more as a result. Read more

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