Welcome to Jared Davis' Blog

I work as a software / data engineer, helping teams build robust information pipelines.

my skills

database platforms

  • DynamoDB
  • Elasticsearch
  • Hive (Hadoop)
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL (preferred)
  • Redis
  • Redshift

programming languages

  • Go
  • Python
  • Ruby

systems and stuff

  • AWS (lots of it, and certified)
  • Centos
  • Docker
  • Ubuntu

You can see where I’ve worked here

my studies

Computer Science

  • computability theory
  • complexity classes
  • quantum computation


  • Haruki Murakami
  • Roberto Bolano
  • Cesar Aira
  • Herman Melville
  • John de los Passos


  • abstract algebra
  • linear algebra
  • calculus
  • logic


  • of literature
  • of mathematics
  • of mind

My favorite hobby is reading. Sometimes this is handy for work; othertimes it’s just nice to get a perspective on the world.

blog history

Check out previous versions of this blog in the Internet Archive.

what does “1ijk” stand for?

A quaternion is a type of number, like a real number $\pi \in \mathbb{R}$ or a complex number $\sqrt{-1} \in \mathbb{C}$. The expression

$$-1 = ijk = i^2 = j^2 = k^2$$

describes the quaternions. These numbers have very nice properties and some cool history. For example:

They appeal to me, although I cannot say I understand much about them. And given that the string $1ijk$ is short, memorable, and rarely taken as a username, I’ve taken it as my online moniker.

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